Monday, July 23, 2012

Genting Highland

I took this opportunity for a half day trip to Genting Highland. Of course I went with some friend of mine Jason who know the place much batter then I do. So three of us headed there in the morning. We were well greeted by many bird that day. White-Throated Fantail called for us wishing us good morning and many other bird follow suit.

Bird wave bring our bird list up with Banded Kingfisher, Mountain Fulvetta, Golden Babbler, Long-tailed Broadbill and also laughingthrush were all seen in the area. Later just by the road side this Orange-Bellied Leafbird put up a show for us.

On the way out this Oriental whip snake make its little appearance in the middle of the road. Not too worry as the snake make it alive.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventure Birding in Northern Peninsular Malaysia

I made a trip with my fiancee and also with an old birding friend in Penang. We started our journey early in the morning where Penang have clear traffic (phew.. No Traffic jam at all). Anyway,  we made our way to a few location. We arrived in some locations late but still get to enjoy with great bird life such as this Large Woodshrike which called when we arrive and make a brief appearance.

Large Woodshire (Photo taken by Terence Ang)

The White-rumped Munia have a different agenda. Nest building just began for them so this pair will be very busy for the next few week. Hopefully this nest can be successful.

White-rumped Munia in its under construction home sweet home

White-rumped Munia's house is still under construction

Munia were not the only breeding birds we saw building. This pair of bat hawk in the early morning was also observed collecting nesting material for nesting. I find Bat Hawk nest throughout the year. I have record from different time of the year now.

A pair of Bat Hawk collected nesting materials.

A wonderful birding trip with great accompany. It's great to see two pairs of birds building their home sweet home.  That's all for our northern birding trip adventure! Hope you all enjoy too!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Short Trip: Fraser's Hill Bird Watching and Photography

Short Trip : Fraser's Hill Bird Watching and Photography for 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1:

This short trip request provide much rewarding birds though the place was dry. At least 37 species was documented over a very short period of time. It was rather very quite upon arrival in mid evening. It took us a while but soon some birdlife began to appear. Long Tailed Sibia, Oriental Magpie Robin and one Black Eagle come eye level to us. Birding soon move towards trail and other park of Fraser's where more bird was seen and photography opportunity was available. The Orange-bellied Leafbird in poor lighting and also back lighted was a challenged to us though Eu Meng got a better shot then mine.

Orange - bellied Leafbird (Photo taken by Terence Ang)

I soon took Eu Meng to another spot for Trogon. Not long after I whistle for the bird we soon able to see one subadult and a female in the area. The Trogon was there for a while in close distance too close for me to digiscope in a way.

Day 2
Day 2 began in as early as possible with already the Javan Cuckooshrike was up and around. Other bird soon join in with large group of Spectacle Laughingthrush, Long-Tailed Sibia and Green Magpie making the crowd goes interesting.

Javan Cuckooshrike (Photo taken by Terence Ang)

Another part of Fraser's seem to be fruitful as well with Large Niltava both adult and Juvenile was both seen in the area. The bird was coorperative allowing Eu Meng to get a very good shot of the bird.

Large Niltava - Male(Photo taken by Terence Ang)

Large Niltava - Juvenile (Photo taken by Terence Ang)

Group and group of bird soon flock in with more photography opportunity. Fire-Tufted Barbet was just by the road and Silver Eared Mesia was in high good number giving increasing more bird to photograph. Though fast moving bird was not so good for digiscoper like me but for SLR user like Eu Meng himself, this proof to be the time to get going.

Soon after the excitement, I was able to spot another bird for another excitement. This time was the Buff-Breasted Babbler. This shy little bird was about 20 meter away from us and remain in the bush area and this is the best shot I can get out of this little guys here.

Buff-breasted Babbler (Photo taken by Terence Ang)

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