Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fraser's Hill my second home

Fraser's hill have become indeed my second home. I love the air and accomodation and let not forget the birds there. Even in the worse day I can always rely in some location for some birds. I started going to fraser's Hill roughly about 13 years ago. Since then I'm up and down. These days where it is so colse to me it indeed become one of my personal site to visit. I still remember those days where I stay at the Gap resthouse. Birding was so easy where 60-80 species a day is a must. Till today Fraser's Hill is still providing me good place for birding and bird photography. Let us not forget it does provide me with some lifer these days as well.

Sultan Tit is always one of my favorite.

Mountain Imperial Pigeon is easily seen though this days I tend to miss them as well.
Little Cuckoodove with some searching is always a good bird to see.
Streaked Spiderhunter all over the place.
One of the bird which i list as "DIE DIE MUST SEE" is this Green Magpie.
Grey Chinned Minivet always around and birding from foot hill up can provide you with all the Minivet you will need to see.
A part from bird life, other wildlife which make Fraser's Hill in the Category I called "DIE DIE MUST VISIT" is this Malaysian Tarantula. It is rather numerous in number still.
Fraser's Hill a location where endemic bird have been seen and also some good rarities have been seen is a sure must visit location. As far as time goes Fraser's Hill have left many good memories and many legacy was made up there. Hopefully I can go up in the coming week again.

For more information and bird seen on my trip
"Together with Nature"

Monday, September 3, 2012

Discovery Trip: Found It!

Purple Swamphen (Photo taken by Terence Ang)

AT LAST! Found it! A brand new birding spot! (Lifer lifer....)

Yes, it is always nice to discover new places for birding or other wildlife watching.

At this current stage, i finally found one. But my luck has not failed me, today i would consider extremely lucky that i received a call to check out another place (So stay tune for my next post about this 2nd new place).

From my earlier trip (this 1st new location) was a nice place. A site that is full of Purple Swamphen. It is always nice to see this waterbird around with their stunning colour.

Besides, this location also seem to be good potential site for harrier and other raptors. So..... waiting waiting waiting for the correct moment to visit this place again! So another Stay tune and remember Keep on come back and visit Nature Core.

August 27- 30

Photography trip with some pal from hong Kong was rather perfect. We mange to hit 100 bird species recorded and at least 50 species was photograph. hahaha though i did not get as many as Jason did but we both sure return home happy with lots of photo to look at. One of the few bird that allow us to have this opportunity is this Barred Eagle Owl. Let say a pair was seen but both me and jason cant get both in the frame as one is more block then the other.
Some other that stay around though difficult photography lighting we face are such as this Oriental Practincole.
Black Shouldered Kite was a no miss either though the number was much fewer then expected.

Our other bird was too very crucial for our success. This going to roast Fire Tuffted Barbet was first thought to be disturb from sleep by two crow then we realise that there was a peregrine falcon around the area.

Javan Cuckooshrike soon came in and join the Barbet for a while.

And also this individual have been very regular in its area for us to see and photograph. The Black Throated Sunbird.