Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grey Heron in action , Kuala Selangor

A short video clip on Grey Heron from Kuala Selangor a few week back. Seems like it hardly move.

So just enjoy and relax this short video clip of it in the wild:

Grey Heron in Action, Kuala Selangor

Friday, November 9, 2012

Besra - A post from my Facebook's Raptor Collection

"Is Besra rare in Malaysia?", "Does it occur here?"
"I cant think of no other accipiter but Besra!"

This are the usually question I get when dealing with this accipiter. So is it rare and does it occur here. How common is it.

All right if I wanted to say it is common I sure I lie to you all. But is it really that rare. The answer is yes it is rather rare in Peninsula Malaysia but it is a yearly
thing. It definitely occur here where all ages have been sighted. Many watch site where my raptor research and count is concern we will get it soon or later. So is rare in term of overall but not so rare till there is no chance of seing it.

In many times people sent me photo even more experience birder do and thought it is a Besra but always turn out to be a Crested Goshawk. A typical raptor species that easily confuse with one another. However between this two there is a few marking that distinctively separate them. Once learn you will find it easier to pick them up. Take careful details of them as some plumage are great challenge for identification.

All in all Besra is not so rare here. Keep an eye out guys for this very "opportunistic" raptor. after years of experience with this feller I find them bet ween 4 species of accipiter they are one of the more opportunistic accipiter and smartest of all. Even my presence there a huge learning curve for this accipiter. They are able to make use of my presence to assist in their hunting.

Grey Heron

The Grey Heron from one of my recent trip.
Grey Heron (Photo taken by Terence Ang)