Monday, January 1, 2018

Recognise one of my old site (Taiping)

10 years that how long i have not been back to this site. I decided to call an end to visit this site when the access got worse. Today I drove in with a 4X4 after a long ten years. Memory strike back. The rarities this location have been provided. One of which probably one of the rarest species in Malaysia to be seen. This also result to many of my lifer including my first Hen/Northern Harrier. My first year to year Grey Headed Fish Eagle nesting, my first foot dragging osprey for behaviour and many other more. The tree for the grey headed is still standing.

What have change in the past ten year to my surprise not much. This places still provide much to be seen. My first grey headed lapwing in taiping and today they were numerous of them. Not lacking of wader including Pacific Golden plover. Tern were around and also not to forget commoner species including the bee eater. I have seen both blue throated and blue tailed nesting here.

It is therefore should be in my itinerary in all my trip back to Taiping this time.

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