Saturday, August 25, 2018

Difference of Large Hawk Cuckoo and Dark Hawk Cuckoo

Large Hawk Cuckoo
Dark Hawk Cuckoo
Other name
Brain-fever Bird
Bock’s Hawk Cuckoo
Brown with white on bend of wing
Back and rump slaty gray
Wing brown and white on bend of wing
Belly white with brownish black bars
Prominent dark streaked  on breast

Breast rufous often unstreaked or lacking of streaked. Where there is, streaking only restricted to breast.
Belly white with black bar
Undertail covert white,
Long tail with barred brownish gray and black with broad black terminal bar tipped white
Undertail covert white
Broad gray and black bar with broad black terminal bar tipped white
Crown, face and necked slaty gray
Face paler in front of eye
Chin black,
Prominent dark streaked  on throat
Iris orange to buff with eye-ring yellow lemon
Bill black
Crown, face and neck slaty gray,
Chin, throat unstreak.
Iris orange to buff, eye ring yellow lemon
Bill black above greenish below

Large Hawk Cuckoo
Dark Hawk Cuckoo
Barred rufous and brown
Brownish black
Buffish-white with broadly streaked black on breast shape of drop like
Breast slaty brown
Lower breast white with dark bar
Barred rufous and black
Undertail covert with with dark bar
Gray forehead
Nape pale rufous with brown streak
Slaty brown with white feather on naped.
Chin slaty brown


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