Friday, June 5, 2020

House as Watch Site

It is always fund for people like me which have a house which is situated exactly on a crossing patch of a watch site. You get to sit down whole day looking at raptor crossing the area. Need not to say more when you have interest in raptor. I have observing my own site since school days although less theses days but did make trip home to observed raptor at home. To date i have recorded many interesting species which have crosses my house. Some of the raptor have recorded are as in below.

Black-Thighed Falconet
Bat Hawk
Eurasian Hobby
Peregrine Falcon
Black Baza
Black Shouldered Kite
Black Eared Kite
Brahminy Kite
Crested Serpent Eagle
White Bellied Sea-Eagle
Grey Headed Fish-Eagle
Hen Harrier
Eastern Marsh Harrier
Pied Harrier
Grey Faced Buzzard (including rare dark morph)
Crested Goshawk
Chinese Sparrowhawk
Japanese Sparrowhawk
Himalayan/Japanese Buzzard (Depend on the taxon you follow)
Common Buzzard (vulpinus)
Greater Spotted Eagle
Steppe Eagle
Booted Eagle
Rufous Bellied Eagle
Oriental Honey Buzzard
Changeable Hawk Eagle

I probably miss out some since i need to dig out record for many year to know exact species seen. This is still amazing to be at.

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