The nocturnal bird of prey was never forgotten by Nature Core Raptor Research Unit. Our team does conduct observation and research on Malaysian nocturnal raptor. In this page we will show, discuss the details of Malaysia nocturnal raptors. For more detail do contact us at terence.ang01@gmail.com

Otus sunia - Oriental Scops Owl
- One rufous morph road kill at Perlis

Otus spilocephalus - Mountain Scops Owl
- One easily called in during tour

Otus lempiji - Sunda Scops Owl
- The fun of finding one
- Finally I nail one on this location
- Video 1 - Nesting pair though only one sighted today.

- Video 2 - One in thick coverage

- One in view while another one heard call only.
Playback : Yes (MP3)      Bird Seen : Yes

Glaucidium brodiei - Collared Owlet

- One heard and seen at eye level during tour
Playback : Yes           Bird Seen : Yes

Ninox scutulata - Brown Hawk-Owl
- Intoduction to Brown Hawk Owl in Peninsula Malaysia
- Brown Boobook and pleasant visit
- Brown Boobook in Penang
- One in daylight
- nominate subspecies in penang
Video 1 - One individual responding to playback
- Video 2 - One individual observed calling out from a perch

Bubo sumatranus - Barred Eagle-Owl
Kuala Selangor highlight
- Juvy at Barn
- Juvy revisited
- Video 1 - Barred Eagle-Owl on mangrove forest

Bubo coromandus - Dusky Eagle-Owl
- One female on nest

Bubo ketupu - Buffy Fish-Owl
Introduction to Buffy Fish-Owl in Peninsula Malaysia
Buffy in Selangor
- A Buffy Fish Owl instead

Video 1 - One individual was documented hunting

Stix seloputo - Spotted Wood Owl
Spotty in Selangor
- Family of spotty
- Smiley face spotty
- Video 1 - 2 juvenile with 2 adult on the same tree
- Video 2 - Adult on second day from above
- Video 3 - One observed alert after being approach by 2 Changeable Hawk Eagle

Strix leptogrammica - Brown Wood Owl
- One in Fraser's Hill

Tyto alba - Barn Owl
- Barn Owl in Peninsula Malaysia
- Taking some morning break by the roadside

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